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Naish mad dog x32 9'5" 2020

SUPsurfing für Fortgeschrittene.

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Technische Angaben

Einsatzbereich:Brandung (SUPsurfing)
Zielgruppe:SUP-Surfboard für Fortgeschrittene
Max. Paddlergewicht:90 kg
Länge:9‘5‘‘ (287,02 cm)
Breite:32‘‘ (81,28 cm)
Dicke:4.75‘‘ (12,07 cm)
Gewicht:Keine Angabe
Volumen:160 l
Finnen:1 x 6''in US-Box Finnenkasten, 4 x side fins in FCS Finnenkästen
Ausstattung:Deckpad, ergonomischer Tragegriff, eingelassen, Leashplug
Besonderheiten:Keine Angabe
Test / Verleih im SUPstore:Nein

Naish mad dog x32 9'5" 2020

Naish mad dog x32 9'5" 2020


Performance Wave

Who is it for?
The Mad Dog X32 is bigger, for aggressive paddlers who want a board that allows them to keep pushing the limits without sacrificing volume or stability.

What does it do?
This board provides high-end surfing performance for bigger paddlers.

Why is it unique?
No other board provides high end surf performance catered to bigger paddlers.

Back by popular demand, the Mad Dog X32 marks the return of Naish’s highly popular widebody performance wave SUPs. Taking similarities from the Mad Dog line, the Mad Dog X32 boards offer a balanced blend of responsive turning, superb acceleration, stability and wave-catching ease. Amazingly easy to ride, these boards rip small-to-medium-sized waves to shreds.

The bottom shape has a single-concave nose, a slight V in the center section and an accelerated V in the tail for looser rail-to-rail performance and acceleration in low-to-moderate wave speeds. The amplified outline curve and rocker make them perfect for close interval waves, beach breaks and for getting the absolute most out of less powerful waves. To help maximize acceleration through the turn, a quad fin set comes standard. For added versatility, all boards in the Mad Dog X32 range have five fin boxes and can be ridden as a thruster or quad, granting riders the option to adapt the board to their riding style and conditions.

For larger riders who are unwilling so sacrifice volume for performance, the Mad Dog X32 answers the call.



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